The Apple Tree of Greatness

Life is a strange thing. We go through it as sometimes its a walk in the park, and all is joyful around you.

Where friends cherish you for being there with you, and great memories are made out of those moments. Random things like having “Inside jokes” about purple dinosaurs that shit out rainbows or even having cream cheese as a decisive game changer when you take her phone. These are the moments that we live for.

But all the good times have to disappear and its time to rot inside a corpse shell. Life and society has turned your back on you and everything you thought has changed. You find out information that you never thought that couldn’t happen or couldve been true. That one person who thought was your greatest companion and would stick with you through thick and thin would have lied behind your back and life would’ve been like shit. But look your now here at this very moment and still living, congrats.

Thats one of life’s test.

And Marfy if your reading this. You know who inspired me to take this picture, ironically. But in life we gotta be strong, and I miss my friend who shared many great and fantastic moments with.

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